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JORDROK pillow, firmer, 002.695.93 [1]
JORDROK pillow, firmer, 002.695.93 [2]
JORDROK pillow, firmer, 002.695.93 [3]
JORDROK pillow, firmer, 002.695.93
Product Information

Product dimensions

Length: 50 cm
Width: 60 cm
Filling weight: 800 g
Total weight: 895 g

Package dimensions

Package Number: 1
Length: 47 cm
Width: -
Height: -
Diameter: 15 cm
Net Weight: 0.92 kg
Gross Weight: 0.96 kg
Gross Volume: 7.8 l


90% duck feathers, 10% duck down Fabric:
100% cotton

Maintainance and Protection instructions

Machine wash, max 60°C, normal process. Tumble drying, normal temperature (max 80°C).

What is good to know

Tumble dry after washing until the filling is completely dry.


This pillow has more filling and is suitable if you like to sleep on a firmer pillow.Formable pillow that gives you good support thanks to the large proportion of feathers in the filling which also absorbs and transports moisture away.
You get a dry and evenly tempered sleeping environment since both the filling and the cotton cover breathe well, which helps air to circulate.The pillow is machine-washable at 60°C, a temperature that kills dust mites.

pillow, firmer


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