INGEFARA, plant pot with saucer, 502.580.40

INGEFARA plant pot with saucer


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Product Dimensions
Height: 14 cm
Outside diameter: 16 cm
Max. diameter flowerpot: 12 cm
Inside diameter: 15 cm
Package Dimensions
Package Number: 1
Length: 5 cm
Width: -
Height: -
Diameter: 15 cm
Net Weight: 0.50 kg
Gross Weight: 0.51 kg
Gross Volume: 1.0 l

Package Number: 2
Length: 13 cm
Width: -
Height: -
Diameter: 16 cm
Net Weight: 0.81 kg
Gross Weight: 0.82 kg
Gross Volume: 2.5 l
Red clay Saucer:
Silicone treated red clay
Key Features
Key Features
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Good to Know
Good to Know
To protect the surface from any risk of moisture damage, always use a plant mover or put felt pads under the plant pot or saucer.
Ann-Carin Wiktorsson
The porous terracotta holds excess water, so the plant can draw out moisture when needed.It's possible to plant directly in the pot because it has a drain hole in the bottom and a saucer to collect excess water.