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food container, rectangular/glass


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Product Dimensions
Length: 21 cm
Width: 15 cm
Height: 6 cm
Volume: 1.0 l
Package Dimensions
Package Number Length Width Height Diameter Net Weight Gross Weight Gross Volume 1 21 cm8 ¼ " 15 cm5 ¾ " 6 cm2 ¼ " -- 0.68 kg1 lb 8 oz 0.68 kg1 lb 8 oz 1.8 l-
Heat resistant glass
Key Features
Key Features
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Good to Know
Good to Know
Fits with IKEA 365+ rectangular-shaped lids.
Sarah Fager
The food container is made of oven-safe glass and can be used as an oven/serving dish.Made of glass, which does not absorb odours or discolour from tomato sauce, etc, so the food container is easy to clean.
The transparent jar makes it easy to find what you are looking for, regardless of where it is placed.Several food containers can be stacked on top of one another to save space in the cabinet.