shoe rail f pull-out tray


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Product Dimensions
Width: 92.7 cm
Frame, width: 100 cm
Depth: 5 cm
Height: 7 cm
Frame, depth: 58 cm
Package quantity: 2 pack
Package Dimensions
Package Number Length Width Height Diameter Net Weight Gross Weight Gross Volume 1 94 cm37 ¼ " 8 cm3 ¼ " 5 cm2 " -- 0.51 kg1 lb 2 oz 0.53 kg1 lb 3 oz 4.0 l-
Steel, Anti-corrosive phosphate coating, Pigmented epoxy/polyester powder coating
Key Features
Key Features
Whether you have a passion for shoes, a soft spot for sweaters or a fancy for jewellery and accessories, KOMPLEMENT interior organisers tailor your wardrobe to make the best use of available space.
Good to Know
Good to Know
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Ehlén Johansson
10 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.The shoe rail combines with KOMPLEMENT pull-out tray, sold separately, and allows you to store and organise shoes in a wardrobe.
Keeps your shoes neatly in place and gives you a good overview.