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Product Dimensions
Width: 38 cm
Depth: 25 cm
Height: 15 cm
Package Dimensions
Package Number Length Width Height Diameter Net Weight Gross Weight Gross Volume 1 38 cm15 " 25 cm10 " 15 cm6 " -- 0.48 kg1 lb 1 oz 0.48 kg1 lb 1 oz 14.5 l- 2 38 cm15 " 26 cm10 " 15 cm6 " -- 0.40 kg14 oz 0.40 kg14 oz 14.5 l-
Polypropylene plastic
Key Features
Key Features
This box has practical handles and a built-in locking function in the lid. It protects your things from dirt and dust in the basement, garage or attic. SOCKERBIT boxes are durable, sturdy and stackable.
Good to Know
Good to Know
Fits HEJNE and IVAR shelves, 50 cm deep, and ALGOT shelf, 58 cm deep.
K Hagberg/M Hagberg
Practical for storing everything, from seasonal items and hobby items to small tools.The built-in locking function keeps the lid in place which protects your things from dirt and dust.
You can easily stack boxes of different sizes, as they’re made to fit each other.You can easily organise and find your things since there are two small areas you can write on or attach labels to.