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Ways to use our beloved blue bag

We love FRAKTA blue bags for so many reasons: sturdy plastic, easy to clean, lightweight, inexpensive. And handles! What do you use yours for? Laundry, waste sorting, moving? Check our ideas from the lab for other ways to use and reuse our blue bags.
Ways to use our beloved blue bag
1. A SUPER STORAGE WALL builds on the mix of what we’ve seen our bags used for like garden planters and musicians’ bags. We made an easy, inexpensive storage wall using FRAKTA bags and drew on them to show what’s inside.
2. A CREATIVE WAY TO AMP UP STYLE is to turn old blue bags into a room divider. We cut and sewed together a few bags to create an oversized, geometric look. Then we ironed, painted and poked holes to easily hang them up with string!
3. A READY-TO-GO PICNIC BLANKET takes sewing know-how, but it’s great for outdoors because blue bags are so durable. We used tea towels for the top and put a thin duvet in the middle for padding.