6th Global IKEA Soft Toy Drawing Competition for children

Vote for the children's drawing that you want to become a real IKEA soft toy!
Valid for the ΙΚΕΑ Family members 26-29/11 – each member can vote only once. Vote here.

Saturday 9/11 11:00-17:00: The children of IKEA Family members draw at the IKEA Nicosia store and the Planning Studio in Limassol, hoping that their drawing will be turned into a real soft toy.

14/11 – 18/11: The 60 best drawings will be selected by the HOUSEMARKET comittee and will be exhibited for voting within the IKEA Nicosia store and the Planning Studio in Limassol. The public can vote for their favourite drawing and the top 50 will advance to the next phase.

26/11 – 29/11: The 50 drawings with the most votes will be posted on the IKEA Family page at www.IKEA.com.cy for voting. The top 15 will be sent to IKEA Sweden.

December 2019: The top 15 drawings will be sent to IKEA Sweden to compete with the most-voted drawings from IKEA stores worldwide.

January 2020: IKEA Sweden will announce the 6 winning drawings that will be made into soft toys.

Terms & conditions here.

For the sixth year in row, we proudly present SAGOSKATT – our playful collection of fabulous soft toys, designed by children in our soft toy Drawing competition.

We believe in the power of play and creativity. When children play, they learn and develop skills. The SAGOSKATT series is not just a series of cute and adorable soft toys, it also serves a greater purpose. It is part of the Let’s play campaign because we believe in play as the right of every single child – and in home as life’s most important playground. The SAGOSKATT collection is one of our many activities to support children's right to play and to develop properly.

From over 87,000 amazing drawings and 50 countries, meet the six winners! A motley crew of creative characters…

Designer thought:
“I made a smiley monster that’s ready to give children hugs so that they are not afraid of monsters or the dark anymore. I hope that with my soft toy, children all over the world will find a friend to keep them company while they sleep, so that they will not have any nightmares.”
Thomas, 9 years old, Greece

Designer thought:
“My robot likes to do everything. It likes to help with housework, to draw, to sing, to dance and to be entertaining. It also knows how to write, read and play music. It’s made for both small children and children my age. I also made it in neutral colours so that both boys and girls can play with it.“
Riana, 11 years old, Cyprus

Designer thought:
”Gurki is a cucumber. I love to eat cucumbers and hope that by playing with Gurki, other children will love to eat cucumbers too. I wanted to try something new and hope that Gurki will be a superhero for many children.”
Kilian, 9 years old, Germany

Designer thought:
“I love the rainbow in the sky so much. But I’m afraid that maybe the rainbow will feel cold up there. So, I drew socks for the rainbow to stay warm.”
Darren Wing Hei, 5 years old, Hong Kong, China

Designer thought:
“I was thinking of drawing a big mouse with balloons because I love mice. Jesse loves playing with children and I want the kids to play with Jesse and their other toys so that they become like a family.”
Noor, 7 years old, Jordan

Designer thought:
“I have drawn a giraffe that’s not like the rest. It’s a bit different. Rainbow Giraffe eats healthy food. She’s a bit mischievous and very loving. I hope that kids will play nice with her, that they will treat her well and feed her and give her water.”
Claudia, 6 years old, Canary Islands, Spain