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In this context, we strive to be in constant contact with the local society, the people, local authorities, institutions, organizations, non-governmental organizations etc., in the countries we operate in and continuously be informed about the people’s most prominent needs in order to be able to understand them and contribute, to the best of our abilities, to their satisfaction.

Some of IKEA's major Social Responsibility projects are presented below:


Since 2017 IKEA has been implementing the Social Responsibility program "STATHMOI HARAS" and through this initiative IKEA supports local community nurseries throughout Cyprus by creating functional spaces where children can spend beautiful and creative moments.

Each community nursery is equipped based on the needs of the children, and always in collaboration with the teachers of the nurseries and the municipal authorities. For the successful completion of the project "STATHMOI HARAS" IKEA employees worked as volunteers.
At IKEA and the FOURLIS Group we believe that children are the most important people in the world and therefore we will never stop trying to ensure a better everyday life for them.

Ayios Stylianos Municipal Nursery School in Lakatamia

In December 2017, IKEA launched the ‘Stathmoi Haras’ programme by presenting the refurbished classroom of the Ayios Stylianos Municipal Nursery School in Lakatamia. In accordance with the children’s needs, the team created areas for music, mathematics, language, puppet theatre, books and fairytales, painting and nature, where 22 children, aged 3 to 6, can spend quality time in a beautiful and warm environment that inspires them.
Polemi Public and Municipal Nursery School

In June 2018, with much love and enthusiasm, IKEA took on the refurbishment of the Polemi Public and Municipal Nursery School, providing all the necessary equipment for the creation of a space where 25 children, aged 3 to 5, can spend beautiful and creative moments every day, just as they deserve.
Kaimakli Public and Municipal Nursery School

In July 2018, IKEA undertook the complete equipping and refurbishment of the Kaimakli Public and Municipal Nursery School. The new furniture and equipment transformed the school into a warm, functional, welcoming and safe space, where 25 children, aged 3 to 5, can enjoy exactly what they need: beautiful, creative and happy moments.

Furnishing of building of the Association for the Prevention and Handling of the Violence in the Family (SPAVO)

In 2016, IKEA undertook the furnishing, equipment and decoration of the new building of the Association for the Prevention and Handling of the Violence in the Family (SPAVO), which is located in Kirineias Avenue in Aglantzia. The IKEA communication and interior design team, as well as a team of IKEA volunteers, worked on the furnishing and decoration of all rooms, which will be used from people accommodated at SPAVO premises. Additionally, offices and conference rooms were set up for SPAVO staff. The aim was to create a functional and stylish space, as well as a pleasant and friendly environment to support families which will be hosted, thus contributing to improving the quality of life of victims of domestic violence. LCC Logistics and CATY Ltd, our co-operating transport and assembly companies, contributed to the project by providing their services free of charge.
SPAVO is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded 26 years ago to provide services to prevent violence, to support and protect the individual, so that through personal development and improvement of interpersonal relationships, will help to build a more humane society. This is achieved by providing programs of treatment, support, protection, information and education by qualified scientific personnel, with the co-operation of volunteers and the assistance of private and government bodies.

Support of the "Ι Cook and I Offer" Program of the Sofia Foundation

In 2015 IKEA supported the ’’Sofia Foundation for Children’’ and the "I Cook and I Offer" program. IKEA has contributed to the project by fully equipping the kitchens and dining areas of 3 all-day primary schools. The team of IKEA volunteers equipped the kitchen areas with storage spaces, sinks, and with all necessary cookware and serving tools, as well as the dining areas with tables and chairs, in the following schools:

1. Primary School of Agioi Anargyroi - "MICHALIS KAKOGIANNIS" in Larnaca, Kokkines, where 300 children attend the school and 50 children participate in the program

2. Primary School of Ethnarchi Makariou C’ in Larnaca, where 300 children attend the school and 50 children participate in the program

3. Primary School of Denia, attended by 30 children and 17 children participate in the program
Moreover, IKEA provided cookware and serving tools to the Eurychou Primary School in order to help meet the needs of children from 17 villages in the surrounding areas served by the school.

Renovation of the CRCS Children Therapy Centre Stella Soulioti

In 2013, IKEA accepted the invitation of the Cyprus Red Cross to renovate the "CRCS Children Therapy Centre Stella Soulioti" in Limassol. A team of 20 IKEA volunteers renovated and furnished the living room, kitchen/dining room, medical treatment room and offices, as well as the physiotherapy rooms.
This initiative was inspired by the belief that children suffering from severe physical disabilities and other developmental problems, need to be treated in a pleasant and comfortable area in order to gain strength from the beauty of the environment that hosts them.

Humanitarian Initiatives by IKEA and the FOURLIS Group Employees

Employees of IKEA and the FOURLIS Group carry out, each year, their own humanitarian initiatives. In particular, they collect food, clothing, footwear, toys and other essentials that they offer to Institutions and Organizations in Greece and Cyprus. This action has been taking place since 2010 and it constitutes an institution that all employees embrace with love and enthusiasm.

Voluntary Blood Donation

IKEA employees participate in the Voluntary Blood Donation of the FOURLIS Group, which takes place twice per year at the premises of the Group's buildings.