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Polyester pillows

A comfortable night to start your day

We are aware of the importance of a good night’s sleep. Choose the right pillow for you. Polyester pillows have cotton exteriors allowing them to breathe, keep its cool temperature. The pillow guide can help you find the one that is for you.
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9 Products

SLAN pillow, softer, 102.698.04
BTI SLAN pillow, softer
€ 2,89
15 reward points
HAMPDAN pillow, softer, 202.697.28
HAMPDAN pillow, softer
€ 7,99
40 reward points
AXAG pillow, softer, 202.697.71
AXAG pillow, softer
€ 4,99
25 reward points
HAMPDAN pillow, firmer, 602.697.26
HAMPDAN pillow, firmer
€ 8,99
45 reward points
AXAG pillow, firmer, 602.697.69
AXAG pillow, firmer
€ 6,99
35 reward points
HYLLE pillow, softer, 002.827.16
HYLLE pillow, softer
€ 14,99
75 reward points
HYLLE pillow, firmer, 502.827.14
HYLLE pillow, firmer
€ 16,99
85 reward points
ROSENSTJARNA pillow, softer, 003.772.91
ROSENSTJARNA pillow, softer
€ 8,99
45 reward points
ROSENSTJARNA pillow, firmer, 603.772.74
ROSENSTJARNA pillow, firmer
€ 9,99
50 reward points