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Down & feather pillows

Soft and comfy

Do you like your pillow warm? Feather and down pillows are made natural materials that give a soft and light sense. Sink yourself in your pillow every night. We have a range of pillows for every sleep habit. Back sleepers, side sleepers, hug-your-pillow sleepers, there’s a pillow here made just for you. Also check our feather and down quilts.
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6 Products

JORDROK pillow, firmer, 002.695.93
JORDROK pillow, firmer
€ 14,99
75 reward points
GULDPALM pillow, firmer, 202.695.54
GULDPALM pillow, firmer
€ 49,99
250 reward points
JORDROK pillow, softer, 502.695.95
JORDROK pillow, softer
€ 12,99
65 reward points
GULDPALM pillow, softer, 702.695.56
GULDPALM pillow, softer
€ 39,99
200 reward points
KORNVALLMO pillow, firmer, 403.898.19
KORNVALLMO pillow, firmer
€ 59,99
300 reward points
KORNVALLMO pillow, softer, 403.898.38
KORNVALLMO pillow, softer
€ 49,99
250 reward points