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Hand tools

Love constructions?

Unleash the decorator within using our tools and equipment. Your personal touch will you give you confidence and inspiration for many more crafts!
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14 Products

FIXA 260-piece screw and plug set, 001.692.49
FIXA 260-piece screw and plug set
€ 7,99
40 reward points
FIXA tape measure, 402.375.57
FIXA tape measure
€ 0,99
5 reward points
FIXA 114-piece cable management set, 601.692.51
FIXA 116-piece picture hook set, 901.692.78
FIXA 116-piece picture hook set
€ 4,99
25 reward points
FRAKTA tarpaulin, 993.046.96
FRAKTA tarpaulin
€ 7,99
40 reward points
MARTORP self-adhesive floor protectors, 100 pack, 501.716.69
FIXA screwdriver/drill, li-ion, 002.329.05
FIXA screwdriver/drill, li-ion
€ 45,00
225 reward points
FIXA screwdriver/drill, li-ion, 302.032.61
FIXA screwdriver/drill, li-ion
€ 28,00
140 reward points
FIXA screwdriver, li-ion, 902.032.58
FIXA screwdriver, li-ion
€ 12,99
65 reward points