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IKEA proactively recalls the expanding GLIVARP table in frosted white

 November 27th 2018

IKEA would like to inform customers that have bought the specific table (in any of the two available dimensions 125/188x85cm and 75/115x70cm) after February 2017 to stop using it and return it to the IKEA store for full refund or for a replacement with a similar article. IKEA does not require any proof of purchase.

For us in IKEA, the safety for our consumers and products is our first priority therefore all of our products are tested and comply with the applicable standards and legislation. In spite of this, we have received certain reports for the extendable GLIVARP table in frosted white that the extension part might be detached from the rails and fall. Despite the fact that there is a small probability for that to happen, we have decided to proactively recall the extendable GLIVARP table in frosted white in both available dimensions. The recall does not affect the transparent/glass extendable GLIVARP table.

We in IKEA would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused and would like to thank all customers for their understanding.

For any additional information please call us on our contact center at 22 502502.