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Light a fire

Enjoy warmth with our BBQ and fireplaces! You can grill sausages and steaks and at the same time you can warm a cold September night instead of spending the night in the living room.
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7 Products

APPLARO trolley, outdoor, 490.484.11
APPLARO trolley, outdoor
€ 109,00
545 reward points
KLASEN top shelf, 502.421.72
KLASEN top shelf
€ 40,00
200 reward points
KLASEN underframe, 602.333.13
KLASEN underframe
€ 79,00
395 reward points
APPLARO underframe, outdoor, 902.880.40
APPLARO underframe, outdoor
€ 69,00
345 reward points
KORPON portable charcoal barbecue, 502.834.31
KORPON portable charcoal barbecue
€ 29,99
150 reward points
KLASEN trolley, outdoor, 290.334.15
KLASEN trolley, outdoor
€ 99,00
495 reward points
KLASEN top shelf, 702.926.94
KLASEN top shelf
€ 20,00
100 reward points