The IKEA Cashback Scheme (the “Scheme”) of Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd (the ‘Bank’) runs from 1st December 2019 until 31st January 2020.

The Scheme is available to all Gold Alpha Bank Visa, Silver Alpha Bank Visa, and Alpha Bank CASHBACK MasterCard (the ‘Card’) cardholders and applies to all transactions (purchases) carried out by the cardholders of the above mentioned cards at IKEA Cyprus and at the eshop (‘the IKEA Shops’).

The cashback rate is set at 15%* on the overall amount of the transactions (purchases) carried out with the abovementioned credit cards at all IKEA Shops in Cyprus.

The cashback will be valid for transactions that amount up to €500 per Card per month spent at the IKEA Shops. The maximum cashback amount for each Card is set at € 75 per month.

A prerequisite for the cashback is that the total amount of the transactions (purchases) of each Card in Cyprus and abroad, for each month of participation, is at least €1000 (including the transactions at IKEA Store Nicosia and the IKEA Planning Studio Limassol).

The cashback amount will be credited on a monthly basis, directly to the Card account used to make the transactions at the IKEA Shops, within the first 4 business days of the following calendar month of the transactions and will appear in the account statement of that month.

Cashback will only be given when the Card account is active on the date the cashback is calculated. In cases where the Card account is inactive, frozen, or is in arrears and/or in excess, on the day of the cashback calculation, then the cashback is lost and will not be calculated at all, not even at a future time if the account returns to normal status.

The Bank reserves the right to amend any of the present Terms and Conditions during the Scheme.

The Bank also reserves the right to withdraw the Scheme at any time without any notification.

Participation in the Scheme is considered as full and unconditional acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions, as well as the Credit Card Terms of the Bank.

Τhe present Terms and Conditions are governed by Cyprus Law.

*The existing Cashback Programme of 0.5% which applies to all purchases with Alpha Bank CASHBACK Mastercard, remains in effect.