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Living room wall lamps

The bright way to light your walls

When you think of lighting your space, do not forget the walls. We have a large collection of spotlights and wall lamps in different styles. You can also use LED energy saving bulbs for both economy and environmental protection.
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8 Products

MUSIK wall lamp, wired-in installation, 202.174.85
KLAVIATUR wall uplighter, 302.527.13
KLAVIATUR wall uplighter
€ 24,99
125 reward points
ARSTID wall lamp, 203.303.25
ARSTID wall lamp
€ 16,99
85 reward points
ARSTID LED picture lighting, 203.556.22
ARSTID LED picture lighting
€ 29,99
150 reward points
LEDSJO LED wall lamp, 403.597.61
LEDSJO LED wall lamp
€ 45,00
225 reward points
NYMANE wall up/downlighter, wired-in, 603.978.61
NYMANE wall up/downlighter, wired-in
€ 12,99
65 reward points
NYMANE wall/reading lamp, wired-in inst, 903.569.63
ARSTID wall lamp, 601.638.81
ARSTID wall lamp
€ 16,99
85 reward points