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Living room spotlights

Shine a light on what you love

Spotlights give you a lot of light just where you need it, from a painting or a collection of your favorite knick-knacks to a countertop or other activity area. Many of our spotlights can be used with energy-efficient LED bulbs or come with LEDs built in, to save on your electricity bills and be kinder to the planet.
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4 Products

HUSINGE ceiling track, 5-spots, 702.571.91
HUSINGE ceiling track, 5-spots
€ 29,99
150 reward points
BAROMETER ceiling track, 5-spots, 802.625.78
BAROMETER ceiling track, 5-spots
€ 49,99
250 reward points
BASISK ceiling track, 3-spots, 802.625.83
BASISK ceiling track, 3-spots
€ 24,99
125 reward points
HUSINGE ceiling track, 3-spots, 902.571.90
HUSINGE ceiling track, 3-spots
€ 19,99
100 reward points