Welcome to IKEA

IKEA Swedish Food Market

We invite you to enjoy a delicious taste of Sweden at your home.
After the cash register you will find the IKEA Swedish food market. You can choose different flavors from a great Swedish products range.

All meals and snacks are chosen for their quality, because they are easy to cook and also for being cost effective.

Before you leave the IKEA store visit the Swedish Market and enjoy Swedish flavours at home!

 Sweets - Cakes

Almond cake 400gr frozen An almond based cake covered with butter cream and decorated with roasted almonds
Cinammon rolls frozen, Small rolls with cinammon filling

Almond cake with DAIM 400gr €5,50

Cream cake with 
almond paste 320gr (4 pieces) €5,45

 Cinammon rolls 260gr 
(4 pieces) €2,95

Milk chocolate 100gr,
Certified with UTZ €0,65

 Dark chocolate with 70% cacao, 100gr
Certified with UTZ €1,10

Milk chocolate with hazelnut, 100gr
Certified with UTZ  €0,85

Candies in different

Salted Chips, 150gr €1,95

Chips with sour cream
 and onions, 150gr

Sea food


Shrimps cooked and peeled ,frozen 250gr
Can be served on sandwiches and salads.
Marinated Salmon, frozen 200gr
Served with salmon sauce, vegetables and potatoes.

Swedish Flavors

Swedish meatballs 1kg
Chicken balls 1kg
Vegetable balls 1kg
Crème sauce for meatballs 36gr,
Served with meatballs port or beef. Add extra mustard or pepper for a spicy flavour
Lingonberry jam 400gr,
Served with toasts, crepes, yogurt, ice cream or cereals
Salmon fillet frozen 500gr,
Includes 4 pieces of 125gr. Salmon is a fish that lives at ocean and lakes.  
Vegetable medallions frozen 600gr,
Includes 8 pieces. Served with meat or fish or individual. 

Ready Meals

Ogreten potatoes frozen,800gr
Sliced potatoes with onion, garlic,mozzarela white cheese and nutmeg
Vegetable pizza frozen, 700gr
A vegetable pizza with tomato paste, olives, sweet corn red peppers and onions
Pancakes 12 pieces frozen,700gr


Blackberry and bilberry jam Organic production
"Royal blend" is a traditional blend of raspberry jam and bilberry

Strawberry jam with 55% strawberry, 
Organic production, Served in toast or toast bread, or with crepes, ice cream, yoghurt or cereals

Mustard paste Organic production 190gr,
Organic mustard with brown and yellow mustard grains
Orange jam with safflower extract,
Organic production