Welcome to IKEA
Terms and conditions:

1. Free delivery between 01/09/2018 and 16/09/2018 for in-store and e-shop furniture purchases of 300€ or more, total value of products (excluding the delivery charges for online orders).
2. This offer is only valid for products that are available in the store during the order/purchase date.
3. The delivery date will be based upon the availability of our external providers.
4. This offer can only be used once per transaction to a single address.
5. Customers are required to dismantle and pack furniture purchased from the AS-IS Αrea to secure the safe transportation of their goods.
6. The offer does not include purchases made from the Market Hall department (household equipment).
7. The return of goods will remain at the customer’s own cost.
8. The coupon must be presented to the Delivery Service provider in order to be redeemed.
9. Customers who wish to return a product purchased during this offer shall be entitled to a credit voucher.