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Cooking with parents

Dear mum and dad, we get it. You want us here in the kitchen with you. And also give a hand or two where we can.
But I have something to say : If you really want us to learn to cook, it has to be our way.

Loootsss of love,

We, the kids.

Kids in the kitchen. Piece of cake.

We already know how the kitchen works. You adults need to understand that.
So here there are many recipes, lots of things and awesome videos so you can get it too! Click on what seems more tasty!


"I feel safe and happy.
and I’m even hungry some times."

 Ynez, 7 years old

"The ceiling will be golden. The floor will also be golden.
It may be expensive for my parents but it will worth it."

Darcy, 8 years old



"My cupboards would be yellow and when I would open them, butterflies would appear and jungle sounds would be heard, something like… hu…hu….hu..huhuhu!!."

Isabel, 11 years old,