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Kitchen installation


Kitchen installation service

When you purchase an IKEA kitchen you save valuable time with the professional kitchen installation service. Especially when it comes to the difficult steps, like cutting and placing counters. Make the most of the service based on your needs. The charge is 35€ per meter and includes all installation work, such as assembling and installing drawers.

The installation takes place based on the agreed kitchen plan you have created at the Kitchen Designing department or the one you have created on your own with the “IKEA kitchen planner” program that you can find here.

Policy of a minimum 100€ charge is applied. Extra charges are applied per district.

You can view the price list for the kitchen installation of the collaborating company here.

E-mail: thehousedoctorservice@gmail.com

*We maintain the right to adjust the installation service and delivery prices according to any change of the fuel prices .