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Kitchen Scales & Thermometers

Get the numbers right (including the price)

Guessing how much butter you need or how long the pasta has been boiling isn?t always a recipe for success. Our measuring tools put the certainty into your cooking. And with the confidence that you?ve got it all under control, maybe you?ll finally get around to tackling that cheese souffle?!
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7 Products

UPPENBAR measuring jug, 101.349.71
UPPENBAR measuring jug
€ 4,99
25 reward points
FANTAST meat thermometer/timer, 201.030.16
FANTAST meat thermometer/timer
€ 8,99
45 reward points
ORDNING timer, 300.667.25
€ 4,99
25 reward points
ORDNING scales, 901.000.57
ORDNING scales
€ 15,99
80 reward points
VARDAGEN measuring jug, 603.233.04
VARDAGEN measuring jug
€ 4,99
25 reward points
VARDAGEN measuring jug, 803.233.03
VARDAGEN measuring jug
€ 3,99
20 reward points
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