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Baby towels & wash clothes

Ready for the first swim?

After a scented bubble bath, nothing is more practical than a KLAMMIG towel with hood to cover your baby. They are soft to your baby’s skin and it keeps his head dry and warm. It’s has a small picot so you can hang it easily and it‘s the perfect gift. Choose the LATTSAM bath for your newborn. It is very stable thanks to the anti-slips it has.
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8 Products

LILLA children`s potty, 301.931.63
LILLA children`s potty
€ 1,99
10 reward points
KRAMA washcloth, 10 pack, 400.545.38
KRAMA washcloth, 10 pack
€ 4,99
25 reward points
LOCKIG children`s potty, 601.931.28
LOCKIG children`s potty
€ 5,99
30 reward points
FORSIKTIG children`s stool, 602.484.18
FORSIKTIG children`s stool
€ 2,99
15 reward points
KLAMMIG towel with hood, 403.730.74
KLAMMIG towel with hood
€ 7,99
40 reward points
KLAMMIG towel with hood, 603.731.86
KLAMMIG towel with hood
€ 14,99
75 reward points
DJUNGELSKOG towel with hood, 103.938.27
DJUNGELSKOG towel with hood
€ 19,99
100 reward points
LATTSAM baby bath, 402.484.43
LATTSAM baby bath
€ 7,99
40 reward points
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